From Degree Programs

a.pngBack in 2008, with a full educational background from China, I was attracted by the distinction of AIM to enroll for the Executive MBA (EMBA) Program. For the duration of the 18-month-program, I constantly challenged myself and studied very hard.

Those experiences in AIM will be in my life-long memories. I am very glad to be a part of the AIM family. Through AIM’s successful educational system, people from different cultures and backgrounds all get together in a cooperative learning atmosphere to create new value for everyone.b

Charlie Lan
EMBA 2010, Director & General Manager, Cosco Philippines Shipping, Inc.

a.pngWhen one is promoted to a higher level, he/she finds himself being asked to participate in strategic planning and prepare strategic plans for his own organization. Strategic thinking requires a basic understanding of why companies exist, an understanding of the industry, economics and the environment. EMBA provides the framework to be able to participate in strategic planning.b

Rosario M. Torres
EMBA 2007, Office of the Head, Customer Retail Services, Meralco

a.pngThe EMBA gave me a deep insight into private sector practices, which I did not have before. Case-based learning was a real and very positive experience for me. It allowed me to get closer to private sector realities in the middle of an auditorium. The EMBA  taught me also to control my emotions being asked to analyze a business case and report to the class in record time! This mimicked perfectly private sector realities.I met great dedicated profs, classmates and an institution ready to innovate to stay at the top!b

Claude Bodart
EMBA 2005, Principal Health Specialist, Asian Development Bank

a.pngThe AIM EMBA offered an excellent advantage because of good professors who provided sound theory grounded on practice. While presenting a global perspective on business, they helped me understand the local and regional culture.

Fifty percent of the cases used in class were Asian in setting. It helped me a great deal in understanding the environment of doing business in the region and the people I was dealing with. Extremely stimulating, the EMBA program was perfect for my situation.b

Pierre Fallourd
EMBA 2005, Assistant Managing Director, Jewelmer International


a.pngThe EMBA simply was a venue where the old me transformed, is continuously transforming, and will continue to transform,

From an employee to a manager;
From a manager to a leader to a visionary;
From a marketing specialist to a division generalist;
From a businessman to an entrepreneur;
From an individual team player; and
From a student and will continue to be a perpetual student.

One thing for sure, the EMBA experience will remind me how dumb I was and still am… I wouldn’t have been where I am now or it would have taken me longer to get here if I did not take the EMBA. Or maybe I would be here, but I would not have been able to sustain it.b

Carlito Realuyo
EMBA 2001, Director for Marketing, Sanofi Aventis

From Open Enrollment Programs

a.pngThe things I learned from the program have been successful in bringing about a lot of changes in my workplace. The CAN group at AIM was one of the best ways to share ideas. The case studies put your abilities and critical thinking to the ultimate test.b

Ugyen Dorji
HRM- DO 2011, Tashi Infocomm Limited


a.pngThe MDP was an eye opener for me. As an Engineer by profession in a Technical Management position, I found the program allowed me to broaden my thinking and appreciate the business side of my job. What I enjoyed most from it was the interaction and group discussions. I found many similarities with experiences of others from various disciplines while our differences allowed me to think out of the box. This is definitely a program that I would encourage others to attend.b

Arnold Fernandez
MDP 2010, Vice President, MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd


a.pngIt taught me new ways of seeing and solving old problems. It made me aware of problems I did not even know existed. The module on Total Quality Management was an eye opener as to how far we still needed to go.b

Isaac Masilamani Daniel
BMP 2004, Assistant General Manager, Indian Overseas Bank

From Custom Programs

a.pngThe AIM Faculty advisers are always on the lookout for what the students are capable of. They stretch you, but guide you to maximize your potential.b

Gemma Roque
EMBA - Lopez, Vice-President, First Philippine Industrial Park