Strategic Innovation Program

Strategic Innovation Program

Who is it for?
Upper-level and Middle-level Managers, Functional Managers; Management Committee members.

What is it about?
This program lets participants discover new ways of competing, by redefining the business, and by providing differentiated value for customers. It’s a game changing program that helps companies create new products and services, improve customer service, and arrive at breakthrough innovative strategies.

Key topics:
  • Innovative Vision and Mission
  • Strategic Innovation Framework
  • Breakthrough: Thinking Inside the Box
  • Innovative Competitive Strategy
  • Innovative Adjacency Growth
  • Creating Value for Over served and Underserved Customers
  • Outside-In and Inside-Out Innovations
  • Responding to Unmet/Unarticulated Needs
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Blue Ocean Thinking
  • Strategic Alignment/Fit
  • Combining Process Discipline and Creativity (Tradition and Revolution)
  • Developing and Nurturing an Environment of Innovation 
  • Role of Top Management in the Innovation Process