Project Management Course

Project Management Course


This five-day program is designed to help managers to:
  • Learn about the project life cycle, project management process groups and knowledge areas, and best practices, that are applicable to large and small projects; 
  • Learn general management and leadership skills that can help them plan and lead successful projects;
  • Learn about adaptive project management, an approach beyond the nuts and bolts of traditional project management, to help them tackle complex and strategic projects.

  1. Understand why business success depends on projects and what makes projects successful
  2. Discuss the triple constraints and other ways to measure project success 
  3. Discuss the five project management process groups 
  4. Discuss the ten knowledge areas of project management
  5. Learn key project planning concepts and tools such as the project charter, stakeholder analysis, scope definition and work breakdown structure, project scheduling, project cost estimating, quality planning, human resource planning, team development, communications planning, and risk analysis.
  6. Discuss Earned Value Analysis as a tool for evaluating project performance
  7. Discuss the role of a project management office
  8. Discuss the application of the Diamond Framework for adaptive project management
  9. Be familiar with the project management code of ethics and professional conduct


Mid-level and Senior-level Managers who are assigned to manage projects designed to introduce major change or strategic change in their organizations, or who will be assigned to manage such projects in the next 3 to 6 months.

Program Faculty: Contact Person:
Ms. Apple Ani
892-4011 loc. 2801