Management Development Program

Management Development Program      


The Management Development Program primes the participating executive for personal transformation in the strategy and leadership of the business, industry, country and Asia in the global context. The progression of themes, modules, topics, and learning activities deliberately become more complex as the participant engages co-participants, faculty, resource persons and alumni as learning partners.

The design of the four-week program, often tagged as a non-degree mini MBA, challenges vigor, rigor and humor of individual and collaborative thinking and action. 

Environment Scanning and Analysis This module will expose participants to the importance of scanning and understanding of macroeconomics and its relationship to formulating strategy and setting business goals and direction.
Systems Thinking Introduces participants to Systems Thinking and help participants develop a new perspective of looking at problems and issues
Managing People in Organizations Aims to provide an analysis of individual and group behavior in organizations, procedures for providing and strengthening emerging behavior.
Marketing Management Discuss the principles of marketing and how it can create value for the organization.
Language of Business /             Financial Management Aims to provide analytical tools and techniques necessary for effectively managing a firm's financial resources.
Operations Management Discusses the efficient utilization of human technology resources for the manufacture and provision of goods and services.
Strategy Formulation and Implementation Aims to provide participants with a clearer understanding of the inter-relationships of the different business functions and how it shapes corporate strategy and implementation.
Management Control Systems Seeks to develop the students' knowledge and skills in evaluating and designing management control structures and processes that will ensure the effective and efficient attainment of the organization's strategy.
Negotiations Aims to provide participants with frameworks in negotiations.
Business Management Game A computer-based simulation will allow participants to exercise their skills and analyze the impact over time of multiple decisions.


Middle-to-upper level managers, Functional specialists, Staff officers, Entrepreneurs, and Family firm executives.
(The typical participant has at least six years of work experience in middle management.)

Program Faculty: 
Contact Person:
Ms. Yola Genuino
892-4011 loc. 2806

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