Finance for Non - Finance Executives
Finance for Non-Finance Executives

Finance for Senior Executives addresses the needs of Non-Finance Senior Executives from various fields of specialization who want to gain a more integrated perspective of the inter-related functions of a firm.

The course provides an understanding of the underpinning financial concepts in strategic decisions. The program's tiered structure is appropriate for executive with varying levels of familiarity with financial concepts.

  • Assessing Financial Health
  • Navigating your Financial Statements
    - A Framework for Measuring Firm value
  • Linking Financial Targets, Business Strategy and Managing Decisions:
    - Financial Performance Metrics Including Value Adding Metric
    - Connecting Financial Metrics to Functional Area
    - Metrics-Measuring Management Contribution to Value
  • Understanding the Financial Dynamics of the Firm
    - Assessing Firm Assets and Resources
    - Understanding Intangible Assets and their contribution to Value
    - Husbanding Resources: Managing Working Capital
  • Effective Resource Management
    - Assessing Improvement Programs
    - Investment and Capital Budget Decisions
  • The Firm as a Portfolio of Investments:
    Risk Management and Value Creation
    - Business Unit Valuation
    - Business Strategy Valuation
    - Assessing International Investment Opportunities


Non-Finance Senior Executives

Program Director:
Maria Elena Baltazar Herrera, PhD

Contact Person:
Ms. Yola Genuino
892-4011 loc. 2806