Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Program

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Program


This course is designed to help the participant develop an integrated, firm-wide, and risk-aware view of firm strategy and implementation. At the end of the course, the participant will be able to use the tools of risk management to identify major uncertainties facing his or her organization, assess opportunities and potential losses, develop alternatives for risk handling and assess these alternatives in light of his or her organization's business goals.


  • Systematic Frameworks and Approaches to Risk Identification, Risk Assessment and Quantification and Risk Management
    • Financial Risks including Credit, Currency, Liquidity, and Financial Markets
    • Operational Risks including Customer, Operations, Technology, Personnel and Reputation
  • Linking the Concepts of Risk Management to Strategy Review, Formulation and Implementation
  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation Under Uncertainty
    • Real Options
    • Robustness
  • Understanding the Different Risk Quantification Methods
    • Focus on interpretation as opposed to actual quantification
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Organizing the Risk Management Function and Operationalizing Risk Management


Senior Executives with responsibilities for a major functional area or business unit and who is in a position to influence his or her company policies and strategies.

Program Director:
Maria Elena Baltazar Herrera, PhD

Contact Person:
Ms. Apple Ani
892-4011 loc. 2801