Basic Management Program

Basic Management Program


An interactive training program designed for organizations that need to equip their first level managers with a broader management perspective, through an understanding of the basic management principles and skills. It will teach the participants to understand the overall functional organization of the company, as well as the cross-functional relationships among its units for an interactive approach to management.


Week I Managerial Processes and Practices Business Management: An Overview
  The Different Stakeholders on an Organization
  Management Control
Systematic Managerial Analysis Critical Thinking
  Decision-Making and Implementation Plan
Week II Project Management Integrated Approach to the Managerial Process
  Network Analysis - PERT/CPM
Managing Costs and Profits Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships
  Segmented Reporting
  Relevant Costs in Decision Making
  Product Costing
Managing Quality & Total Quality Management
Customer Service Total Quality Service
  Kaizen Continuous Improvement
Week III Empowering People for Emerging Issues in the Changing Workplace
Change Executing Change
  Intra and Inter-Personal Communications
  Leading Teams
  Motivating Performance
Business Analytics Introduction: What is Analytics?
  Capturing the data: Customer  Surveys and other ways
  Excel tools for Analytics and Correlation
  Beginning Excel Tools for Analytics:  T-test and  Chi-square tests

First-line managers, Unit supervisors and Entrepreneurs.

Program Faculty:

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