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AIM Customized Executive Education Programs

In line with the objective of forging strategic alliances with different companies and creating high-impact learning experience to its key leaders and managers, the Asian Institute of Management, through its School of Executive Education, offers customized training programs to companies of any industry and size.

Through partnerships and collaborations built with various organizations over the years, the Institute built its network of global players within Asia. The AIM uses various teaching methodologies (such as the Harvard Case Method, lecture-discussions, group discussions, simulations, role plays, diagnostics, immersion, and series of study visits) and employs a pool of dedicated professionals and academics who manage the Institute's learning process. They may be academics who are practicing leaders in their fields, visiting experts, world-renowned leaders, and a wide network of distinguished AIM alumni.

Recognizing that individual companies face unique challenges, our team of faculty and program staff works closely with the company executives to develop programs. Assessment of needs may be done through a technical needs analysis with the company's top management, training group or even with the prospective program participants themselves.

Once the company's preferences, needs and learning objective are indentified, our team develops the training program and submits a draft proposal the curriculum, learning methodology, program scheduling, program venue, and learning materials to be used.

The AIM School of Executive Education invites you to experience our training programs, and allow us to prepare another cadre of senior leaders in your organization.

To learn how AIM can partner with your company, contact Grace Reynoso or Jeannette Español 
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Or you may contact us to any of the following direct lines:

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Trunk lines +63 2 892 4011 local 2801 - 2816