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AIM offers short course on Managing Family Corporations

Posted 2016-04-01
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Visit the Managing Family Corporations Program page.
Turn your family business from a source of livelihood into an enduring legacy; help family members lead meaningful lives together while managing the business; and anticipate the challenges of succession, professionalization, and governance on the family business. ​


PROF. JACINTO C. GAVINO, JR., DPA is the Fr. James F. Donelan, SJ Professor of Business Ethics. He was the former Associate Dean for Research. His major areas of interest in Management are corporate strategy and leadership, family corporations, and marketing. Currently a director or several firms and non-governmental organization, Prof. Gavino also does consultancy work for different organizations including family corporations.

PROF. MA. CYNTHIA GAVINO, is a counselor and clinical psychologist specializing in family and marital relationships, and parenting concerns. She teaches courses related to family dynamics and genogram analysis in Leadership and in Managing Family Corporations. She also conducts workshops on martital enrichment, parenting and work-life balance.

MR. VIRGILIO 'NONOY' ESPELETA handles sessions on succession, professionalization, and governance. He is presently engaged in helping (mostly) family-run enterprises achieve their highest potential by crafting their strategic business roadmaps. He facilitates in Writing the Family Constitution, Creation of Family Council, Professionalizing and Hand-holding of a Working Board, Coaching in the Execution of Strategic Plan.





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